When people enter the doors of your church
they are often searching for a place to belong. Your directory provides a way to connect new attendees with your church family.

Choose from any of our four family sections and our Old Masters Blue or Brown background to create a new directory that allows them to put names with faces.

Premier Connect

This style has the largest portrait and font available. It features 8 families per page with contact information beside the family's portrait. It includes email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.

Standard Biographical Style

This style features 8 families per page with biographical information next to the family's photos. It can include email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, occupations, anniversaries, family and church activities.

Traditional/Roster Style

The traditional style has 16 families per page with names under the family portrait. A complete roster listing with the phone numbers, addresses and emails, for all of the families in your church is available in the back of the directory.

Premier Traditional

Featuring our largest portraits and fonts, this style highlights 9 families per page with names under each portrait. Add a custom back cover folder to your book for storing your own roster updates.

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