Making Memories That Last Forever!

We at Universal know how important portraits are to you and your family. We also know that it may have been a few years since you and your family have had a professional portrait taken, so you want to make sure that you will have a portrait that will last.

Here are some tips and ideas to prepare for - and get the most out of - your upcoming professional Universal photography session.

Did You Know?
You may invite extended family members in a multi-generational photo. With permission of your organization, you may bring your household pet to your portrait session. We know they are part of the family!

You can bring in props to express you and your family's personality. Some popular choices are instruments, sports equipment and hobby items.

You will have the opportunity to purchase keepsakes to share with your loved ones.

Retouch: Universal offers portrait retouching that can soften facial lines & correct blemishes.

Great Gift Ideas
Portraits (Wallet size up to 20x24)
4 Different Portrait Finishes
Package Deals
Trio's (Vertical & Horizontal)
Greeting Cards

What's Your Style?

Decide on the "tone" of your portrait. Choose formal clothing for a more traditional look, or choose casual or themed clothing if that best fits your family's style.

We Make it Easy!

Allow 45-60 minutes for professional photography and portrait previewing.

Getting Ready

Clothing: Solid colors work best and are more slenderizing. Avoid busy patterns and choose a color theme that unifies the look of your family.

Hair: Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Your photographer will help you identify improperly placed hair, but make sure you like the look and let the photographer know your preferences.

Jewelry: If you have jewelry that has special meaning to you, wear it! Mention to your photographer that you would like them to show it in your portrait.

Make-up: Apply make-up as you would normally for an evening out. Pay special attention to your eyes: the focal point in a portrait. An extra coat of mascara can help bring out your eyes, and bring lipstick and powder for touch-ups.

Glasses: If you wear glasses all the time, you'll want to have them in your portraits.
That's the real you!

Complexion: Universal offers portrait retouching that can soften facial lines and correct blemishes and scratches, scars, etc. We can also whiten teeth and eyes.

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