Universal will be there to help support your church throughout the entire directory program.


Step by Step Process:

  • Select dates for your photo event today
  • Schedule an in person event planning session with your church consultant
  • Use our free promotional materials to invite your church families and reach out to inactive members
  • Schedule appointments in church, online, and through our phone calling service
  • Design your directory and other ministry tools, with a unique, customized look

Promotional Video & Materials:

*** Poster Dear Family Letter ***
*** Bulletin Insert Volunteer Form ***

Photography Appointment Scheduling Has Never Been Easier.
Schedule Online.

Through the ease of online scheduling, your church families have the ability to schedule the photography session that fits their busy schedules right in the comfort of their home! The flexibility of online scheduling means more families will be photographed for your directory and fewer volunteers are needed to call families to schedule appointments.

Church families are able to:

  • Visit our website
  • Click on the Schedule Your Photography Session link to the right
  • Choose a date and time for their appointment - Monday through Friday
  • Input family information
  • Print confirmation
  • A reminder email will be sent to remind members prior to their session

Church Administrators are able to:

  • View complete photography schedule
  • Make necessary changes to appointments
  • Print Master Appointment schedule
  • Access site on Sundays to schedule
  • Customize family letters to announce online scheduling

Telephone calling

If your church does not have enough volunteers to do phone calling to your families that have not signed up yet, Universal can do the phone calling for you at NO COST TO THE CHURCH.


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